I have to let you all in on a secret a child who never knew what she was composed of until she began to write, and naturally her spirit flew through the pen and into a poetic melody defined as true hip hop. So I introduce you all to Lyric. Teri “Lyric” Green literally went from Oprah-an to Engineer. She interned at WGN and by the mere age off 24 she was already the Assistant Chief Engineer at WLEY 107.9 FM in Chicago now she works at WCIU as a computer engineer, but that was training. Her motto is life hasn’t been a crystal stare but somehow Windex was always in reach. This woman is truly amazing check her out, hear her words, walk lyrics journey with her. She has only been doing music for a year and in that year she has won a song writing competition called “Show me the Music” for her genre in Dec. 2010, she was nominated for song of the year with “Underground Music Awards” in NYC Aug 2011, she is now nominated with “Music In Media Awards” in Hollywood, CA Nov . 17. 2011 as well as “Music City Awards” in Nashville, TN. She won a digital distribution deal with Klassick Kliq Records located in Vegas and she has won several competitions and been on several showcases. she was also chosen as one of the finalists for the Coors Light Sponsored, “Looking for the Coldest” MC competition where her song, “Cold as Ice” was promoted and has been downloaded over 22,500 times. I am now a finalist on Yobi.tv and the winner wins a management contract with Johnny Wright who manages Justin Timberlake, Akon, Ciarra, Janet Jackson and more, and she is currently a member of Hip Hop sister’s the group was started by Mc Lyte.

Now Lyric has set out to do something so hard as an underground artist she will try to conquer 50 mics in 60 days. You all will have the luxury of watching her every step….Lyric’s Journey will begin with a mic and end will a mic starting with her first mic being 06/30/2012 as she performs at “Beauty and the Lyrical Beast” here is Chicago at Ice theater located 3330 W. Roosevelt Chicago, IL at 9:00pm. So let the mic’s begin.


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